My Struggle with Non Monogamy

Originally published in 2015 My Struggle with Monogamy I didn’t start out this way in my dating life.  I met a guy when I was sixteen, got married at nineteen, and divorced by the time I was twenty two.  No one saw that coming, I’m sure.  In actuality I’m positive everyone saw that coming except […]

Helping a Friend Through a Polyamorous Breakup

5/27/21 Since I “became polyamorous” I’ve been through several breakups. I use quotes because really I’ve always been of a poly mindset and never understood, even in high school dating life, why you could only date one person, why you couldn’t be friends with exes, and why you couldn’t be friends with your partner’s exes […]

But What About the Children??

Originally published March of 2016 for Vivid&Brave. You know those stickers that say “My child is on the honor roll at….” fill in the blank school? I feel as if I should have one that says “My child is on the honor roll of life.” A little bit of “mommy-bragging” to follow – my son […]

Unicorn Hunting

Originally published in February of 2016. So this is old information and my dating dance card is currently full. We all know the typical definition of “unicorn”. It’s that mythical creature we saw in movies as kids. It’s rare and special and carries with it a certain thought of something we’ll never be able to […]

Love in the Time of Non Monogamy

January of 2016 was the original publish date of this article for Vivid&Brave. There is an interesting concept making the rounds in polyamorous circles lately. It’s that of“casual love”. When I talk about “casual love” I do not equate it to “casual sex”, which can obviously be a very different thing. While sex and love do go […]

Safer Sex in Polyamory

Published in January of 2016 for Vivid&Brave. As with monogamous relationships, there comes a point in polyamorous relationships where you discuss safer sex. Hopefully it’s before you become intimate with someone and when you still have a chance to be as responsible as possible with one another’s health. For either type of couple (or triad […]

Opening Up Your Life

Published for Vivid&Brave in December of 2015. One of the main comments I receive when discussing my polyamorous lifestyle is almost always, “Oh, I could never do that.” I agree. An attitude like that about any subject will definitely make it impossible for you to achieve. I looked at polyamory (or just open relationships in […]

Why Suicide is Sometimes the Answer

Published in September of 2015. Obviously this article can be triggering for some. Read with caution. I know the title is not a popular statement. I know it’s something that is looked down upon. I know it hurts those left behind more than it hurts the person who took their own life. I know all […]

Jealousy – The Struggle is Real

Published originally for Vivid&Brave in September of 2015. For a long time I’ve talked about owning my own issues and working through them. I’ve written several articles about polyamory for Vivid and Brave now. Many of them discuss jealousy, dealing with issues that arise, and the like. Recently I’ve had some new situations in my […]

Coming Out as Bizarre

Published August of 2015 for Vivid&Brave. I found it easier to “come out” to my family and friends as polyamorous than I did to come out as bisexual. I’m still not fully open and honest about it, I will admit (though I guess publishing a public article about such things *would* help that process along, wouldn’t […]