There and Back Again: A Feminist’s Tale

Originally published in July of 2015 for the online magazine Vivid&Brave. This is why I need feminism!” A phrase uttered often by women nowadays. I used to cry it out with them. I’ve since changed my mind and am somewhere in between on the issue of feminism. That’s not to say the feminist movement wasn’t […]

Missed Communications

Originally published June of 2015 for Vivid&Brave. A while back, a unique situation came up for me. My ex-husband was interested in dating again; dating me, specifically. It came as a shock. We did not have a friendly divorce at first. For months, it was contentious and horrible, quite frankly. I didn’t know if we’d […]

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

When I was in grade school, being called a “geek” was an insult. It wasn’t something popular or smart. It was a term reserved for loners and people who wore glasses and people who read too much. Okay, I may have fit into two of those categories. I’ve worn glasses since freshman year of high […]

Having an OCD Moment

Published in May of 2015 on an online magazine called Vivid&Brave. Are you insulted by people who don’t have OCD/bipolar/ADD/etc. saying they are having moments that involve those mental illnesses? Then this article probably isn’t for you, because I’m about to write about my mental illness with a dash of humor. My parents probably think […]

Letting Go

Published on Vivid&Brave in April of 2015 I had a friend whom I deeply let into my heart and life. We didn’t get along at first, but we were thrust together because of life’s circumstances and we grew to care for each other. I got a lot of flak for it and found myself defending […]

Always a Bride, Never a Bridesmaid

Originally published for Vivid&Brave in April of 2015. Let me start by just putting this out there – I’ve been married three times. Yes, even the famous “third time’s the charm” managed to fail me. How does one end up married (and divorced) three times by the age of thirty-two? Pure talent….and a lot of […]

Polyamory – You mean, like…Sister Wives?

One of the most common questions asked of me isn’t anything sexual or awkward. It’s not something that people are personally curious about with me or my life or my relationships. No, the most common question I’m asked is if my life is like the TLC show “Sister Wives”. First, let me say that I love that […]

Could it be NRE – New Relationship Energy?

Originally published in March of 2015 for Vivid&Brave. Have you ever felt guilty for not having that ideal relationship? Maybe your partner doesn’t fulfill every single need you have. Maybe you find yourself talking to your friends about issues at times. Or perhaps you feel that you aren’t the perfectly suited soulmates you once were. […]

In Defense of Selfies

Originally published for Vivid&Brave in February of 2015. So yes, this is a very old picture of me. “Sexiness”. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to that word lately. There are many great sections to this blog and I find it funny I’ve been asked to write for the Avengers of Sexiness category. Maybe […]

When We’re Made of Broken Pieces

Originally published in 2016 I do not normally use “trigger warnings”, being of the belief that we should face our traumas and move past them.  However, if you are squeamish about birth details or not wanting to hear about medical trauma, do not continue reading. “Doesn’t matter how tough we are, trauma always leaves a […]