The Players

Jessie – me! Hi!

N – My son.

JR – my Anchor and husband (through a non-legal commitment ceremony). We live together. He has two kids with his ex-wife. I’ll refer to them as SD (step daughter) and SS (step son).

KS – legal husband whom I also live with. N’s official stepdad, though JR is “dad” as well.

MC – My former brother-in-law turned best friend who rents a room from my husband and I.

All of the above live together in the same home.

SG – JR and KS’s girlfriend. They are both dating the same woman.

ExH – my ex-husband and father of my son

TM1 – ExH’s first wife and the mother of his three sons, my former stepsons. They will be referred to as FSS (former step son) and their current ages.

TM2 – JR’s first wife and the mom of my current stepkids.

Other people will be referred to in the best description they can.  There are lots of people involved here and I will try to make it as clear as possible who I am talking about in each post.

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