The Players

Jessie – me! Hi!

Jason – my Anchor and the boyfriend I live with. He has two kids with his ex-wife Mia. I’ll refer to them as SD5 (step daughter and her current age) and SS2 (step son and his current age).

ExH – my ex-husband and father of my son, hereby referred to as DS5 (dear son and his current age)

TM1 – ExH’s first wife and the mother of his three sons, my former stepsons. They will be referred to as FSS (former step son) and their current ages.

TM2 – Jason’s first wife and the mom of my step daughter (SD5) and step son (SS3)

Other people will be referred to in the best description they can.  There are lots of people involved here and I will try to make it as clear as possible who I am talking about in each post.


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