A Gamer-Girl’s First Thoughts on Minecraft


“What the hell am I supposed to do here?”

That counts as a first thought, right?

As an introduction to me, I am not what one might refer to as a “typical” gamer.  My extent of gaming was playing Halo when it first came out on X-Box, or playing some Nintendo with friends at a party.  More recently over the past few years it’s included more PC games, but still mostly safe and innocuous things like The Sims or Magic the Gathering online.  My boyfriend has since decided that my lack of knowledge about gaming would be hilarious to record for YouTube fame so perhaps one day we’ll actually post some of them so that people can be as entertained by my reactions as he has been.

The first game he started me off on was Minecraft.  I do have some experience with the Minecraft world.  My five year old son is obsessed.  All he watches are YouTube Minecraft videos and he also plays it on his tablet.  I have heard every annoying Minecraft song created.  I have seen every video YouTube has to offer.  Yet watching me play this game, you would think I’d never seen it ever before in my life.

I died as soon as night fell.  The controls were confusing to me as someone who is used to gaming on a PS3 rather than a computer.  And I don’t know how anyone ever figured out “recipes” for building crafting tables and the like without *some* kind of cheat guide.  Please… explain to me how that works.

What have I learned from Minecraft?  Everything will kill you!  Spiders and zombies and skeletons and god knows what else I hadn’t run into yet.  They…will ALL…kill you.  Watching me “fight” in a game is even more fun than watching me try to work general controls and move around.  I yell, I scream, and I definitely try to physically jump out of the way of things on the screen.  No, no… not my character in the game – me.  *I* try to jump out of the way.

I want you, dear readers, to please fill me in.  What is the point of this game?  I am open minded.  I want to jump on this bandwagon that is Minecraft.  It looks like you are playing Legos on the computer and in this version of Legos, you can die.  I built part of a house, then I couldn’t find it again.  I’m ready to hear how amazing this game is.  Share your thoughts in the comments.


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